Water & Wastewater Management

Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Enviro Technology ltd. :

Location: Ankleshwar, Gujarat
Year of commissioning: 1997

The first CETP with private sector participation has been established by UEEL, designed to operate Common Effluent Treatment Plant with primary, secondary and tertiary treatment facilities for 1800m3/day capacity at Ankleshwar Industrial Estate, Gujarat. The wastewater received at ETL CETP comprises those from dye & dye intermediates, chemicals, pigments, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and others that are flourishing in and around Ankleshwar industrial estate. This CETP is also treating the highly acidic waste water and heavy metals discharged from member industries. The sludge generated from its primary treatment units contains Gypsum is being utilized in cement industries. Presently, UPL EEL is upgrading the plant capacity up to 3600 m3/day
World Bank has accorded the project our of 75 funding program


Enviro Infrastructure Company Ltd.

Location: Vadodara, Gujarat
Year of commissioning: 2000

2.25 MLD capacity, Common Effluent Treatment Plant designed by UEEL is located at Umaraya village for the treatment of highly organic waste generated from more than 30 member industries from pharmaceutical, chemical and dye based industries. Located around the ECP canal (The largest effluent conveyance system in the country) The treatment scheme is consisting of primary, secondary & tertiary treatment. The salient features include establishment of a two stage activated sludge process for treating the waste to meet the standards of disposal.


Verval Industries Association

Location: Veraval , Gujarat
Year of commissioning: 2001
Turnkey Job for collection, conveyance & treatment of the fisheries waste (generated by about 42 nos. industries) in a CETP located at Veraval, Gujarat.

The treatment scheme consists of waste screening, Oil & Grease Removal, Equalization to equalize the waste in terms of flow & strength, Treatment in UASB (Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor) followed by Activated Sludge Process (Aeration Tank & Secondary Clarifier).

The conveyance system consists of a system of constructing manholes & laying 5.5 km long pipeline to CETP. Each industry is provided with Mag flow meters to measure the wastewater flow rate generated by each industry.

Salient Features of the Plant are consist of, Compact design as UASB technology is taking care of high organic loading rates in small area, Power saving as UASB Process does not require any aeration facility, Reduced Sludge handling & disposal problems as anaerobic treatment process results in less sludge generation in comparison to aerobic process., generation of Biogas, an important fuel which can be used to generate power & Fine Pore Diffused aeration system also results in power saving when compared to Conventional surface aerator system & Coarse bubble aeration.