Ahemedabad Urban Development Authority:

Presently, UPLEEL is setting up a most remarkable & sizable project of 240 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant for Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority based on the based on Conventional mode of treatment. i.e. Activated sludge process followed by Secondary Clarifier.It is proposed to built entire 240 MLD STP in 4 nos. of Module. Each module has its own Primary & Secondary Treatment section + Sludge thickening & digestion facilities. However, it is proposed to provide Common facilities for Disinfection of biologically treated water, Biogas collection & flaring, Supernatant/filtrate collection & recirculation system, collection of digested sludge & digested sludge dewatering system along with common chemical preparation & dosing facilities.



UPL-EEL has set up a 2.4 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant at Dasve village for Lavasa Corporation, Pune., to treat the domestic effluent, housing resort for producing treated sewage which shall be partly recycle for domestic secondary use and gardening.

This is the first STP of its kind in India where sewage is given such a comprehensive secondary as well as tertiary treatment and where multiple treatments is provided for disinfection before reuse.

The STP utilizes the fine bubble diffused aeration system for utilizing high energy efficient silicon membrane diffusers to supply the air required for the BOD reduction as well as nitrification. The nitrified effluent from the aeration tank is recycled back to denitrification reactor before the aeration tank for removing the nutrients from the sewage.

The incoming sewage is subjected to manual screening and grit removal, flow/pH measurement, denitrification followed by aeration/nitrification and secondary clarification.

After the above secondary treatment the sewage is subjected to tertiary treatment by way of alum dosing and flocculation and rapid sand filtration to completely remove the suspended solids. Thereafter the tertiary treated filtered sewage is disinfected by UV Radiation, Ozonation and finally by chlorination to reduce its coliform count so as to make it completely safe for reuse.

Sludge generated from the influent suspended solids as well as biomass produce from the bio treatment section is thickened in a thickener and dewatered in the filter press and cake is disposed off suitably.

Goa State Industrial Development Corporation

UPL-EEL is setting up first project at Sanquelim in the State of Goa, for laying of sewerage networking and internal electrical work for the construction of 800m3 per day Sewage Treatment plant based on the C-Tech /SBR technology for Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation.

This is the first kind of project for the organization based on the SBR technology


Uttrakhand Peyjal Nigam

UPL-EEL is setting up another project based on SBR Technology for Uttakhand Peyjal Nigam for 27 MLD Capacity Sewage Treatment Plant at India’s famous pilgrim place Haridwar.

C-Tech is the most advanced waste water treatment technology in the world. The technology is based on activated sludge process and is a next generation sequential batch reactor (SBR) technology.