Pioneered by two visionary entrepreneurs Mr. Suketu Shah and Mr. Santhosh Nair, UPL Environmental Engineers Ltd. (UPL EEL) was established as an Environmental Engineering, Consulting & Energy Conservation firm in the year 1994.

Both the entrepreneurs have put in consistence efforts for the growth of the company till the fusion of the organization with UPL Group.


Preamble of Board of directors of UPL EEL

Mr. Suketu Shah, one of the founders of UPL Environmental Engineers Ltd., has been serving in the field of Environmental Engineering & consultancy since more than a decade.

Areas of expertise includes, envisaging of project, planning, implementation & execution of various Environmental Engineering projects for Industrial as well as Municipal water & wastewater treatment systems including recycling and reuse systems and the planning & implementation of Infrastructures projects.

He Has been awarded “VIJAY RATTNA AWARD” for enriching human life and outstanding attainments from International Friendship Society of India.

Mr. Santhosh R. Nair, another fonder of UPL Environmental Engineers Ltd., accumulating the vast experience for the execution of the environmental projects, is leading the R & D, Engineering and Project Division to success full completion of various projects undertaken by the company in the field of Environmental Management.

He has developed the concept of commissioning of the project , including, guiding R & D for establishing treatment processes & selection of optimum treatment method, development of Basic Engineering Packages for treatment processes established in the R & D center or otherwise and Project scheduling, Monitoring and development of adequate management information system.

These two dynamic entrepreneurs have always strived to get in new technology to the country to crack the environmental related issues.

Other Directors on the board of UPL EEL, includes,

Mr. Jaidev Shroff: Chairman and Director of the company, playing the phenomenal role in the growth the company. He is owing the directorship in the UPL’s board and leading the group to explore the maximum opportunities.

Mrs. Sandra Shroff: Director of the UPL EEL and vice chairman of the UPL, is leading the group with her years of administrative experience of the organization.

Mr. Ashok A Panjwani: With the sound academic & social reorganization, leading the company for the consulting and executing the projects on solid and hazardous waste management.

He is holding the Chair for the Ankleshwar Rotary Education Society & Ankleshwar Environmental Preservation Society.
He took lots of pain to ensure a pollution free society in and around Ankleshwar.

Dr. Parmeswaran Nair: Ensuring the environmental legal compliances for all the liquid and solid waste project undertaken by the organisation.

Mr. Arun A Ashar: Leading the group by making the financial arrangement for the growth of the company.

Mr. Mukul B. Trivedi: Advising the company , with the compliance of the organisation.

The Board of Directors are backed by a large team of in-house technical experts, specialized in the field of environmental science and engineering. The backbone of the organization is their human resource having immense know how on the latest technologies /software, comprising of design engineers, Chemical engineers, environmental scientists/analyst, construction engineers and project managers & Coordinators well supported by a team of Finance and Administration departments.