Reliance Industries Ltd.

Effluent Treatment Plant, at PTA plant
Location: Patalganga, Maharashtra
Year of commissioning: 2002
UPL EEL has established a fully automated, PLC controlled waste water treatment facility to treat the effluent from purified pterithalic acid (PTA) from the biggest petrochemical complexes in the country by using third generation technology of two stage anaerobic treatment (EGSB followed by UASB) in collaboration with Biothane Systems International, Netherlands.
This plant is third of its kind in the world and first in Asia.
The Biogas (8000 m3/day) generated is utilized as a fuel in the boiler.
RIL has been awarded with the ICMA Award for this particular plant


Reliance Industries Ltd.

Effluent Treatment Plant at PTA Complex
Location : Hazira, Surat

UPL EEL have executed another project of RIL for setting up of ETP to treat 7.5 MLD of waste water generated from the PTA Plant of RIL Hazira, b y providing utilizing the Up flow Anerobic Sludge Bed Reactor technology.

The UASB technology utilizes the high COD reduction capacity of especially cultured granular biomass which leads to small size reactor, minimum use of energy and elimination of secondary clarification systems.

In addition the plant efficiently converts the destroyed COD to Biogas, which can be used as fuel saving large amount and minimizing the payback period Also, the Anerobic removal of COD by the granular biomass results in minimum generation of fresh biomass, to the extent of only about 2-3 % of COD destroyed as against 25 % above in Conventional Activated Sludge Systems. This minimizes the sludge disposal cost.

The main features of the proposed ETP includes 2 nos. of UASB reactors , Specially designed 3 phase separators with biogas domes, a min/max type influent distribution system, a conditioning tank for mixing the fresh effluent with micro nutrients and recycle stream, the micro nutrient dosing systems and a biogas holder.

The plant is designed for a COD input of 36 tons/ day , with guaranteed removal efficiency of 71 % and Biogas generation of 480 Nm3/hr.

Sterlite Industries

UPLEEL has set up first Effluent Treatment plant on EPC basis based on the arsenic removal system using the sodium sulfide rout for its prominent client Sterlite Industries Limited, Tutikorine, Tamil Nadu.

Plant capacity:
Other special feature

This kind of project has been executed first time in India.


unicipal Corporation Delhi

UPL- EEL has set up Effluent Treatment Plant of 1750 m3 per day capacity for the treatment of waste generated from slaughter house for Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is setting up a Food Processing Complex (Meat) Comprising of a state of art Slaughter house at Ghazipur, Delhi.

The wastewater generated from this complex will be properly treated at ETP prior to its disposal in order to safeguard the environment & human life.

Considering the water shortage, it has been also proposed to use the treated wastewater as irrigation water for greenery & development of green belt around the facility. Hence it is proposed to treat this wastewater to reuse standards for Irrigation. This shall help in reducing the problem of water shortage by reusing treated water for irrigation in the nearby areas as well as Prevent Environmental pollution.

In this scheme of treatment, it is proposed to treat 1750 m3/day flow. As the daily slaughtering activity shall be completed in max. 2 Shifts or 16 hrs/day, it is proposed to design the raw wastewater screening & collection facility considering 16 hrs of operation/day