UPL EEL has a large team of in-house experts, specialized in the field of environmental science, engineering synchronized work of various departments is making a success story of the projects undertaken by the company. The synchronization of R&D, operation and supervision by the expert and reliable service gives a complete solution for a project.

The Research and Development capabilities of UPL EEL enable to conduct advanced sampling analysis, treatment process design and optimization.

Company has fleet of construction equipment that make execution of the project. With a well equipped team of experienced professional and highly improved management tool, the projects are cost-effectively and timely executed in any part of the country.

Any and all kind of treatment facilities are commissioned under the direct supervision of commissioning engineers, ensuring that upstream and downstream conditions to satisfy the operating requirement of the treatment and also passing the operating know-how to the clients.

The level of techno-commercial support and continuous reliability in services keeps UPL-EEL ahead in the competitive scenario.