UPL Environmental Engineers Limited India’s leading environmental engineering construction and project management company having 15 years of varied experience of executing various types of challenging projects on turnkey basis and the projects on BOO & BOOT basis in Public and Private sector.

The Rs.1000 million company is one of the fastest growing company at the national level, having excellence track record in handling complex problems in the field of water, wastewater treatment, Recycle and reuse process, solid and hazardous waste management. It has given expert consultancy for various environmental projects both on national and international level.


Company executes projects across the country, having its corporate office Vadodara, Gujarat and branch offices in Mumbai and Delhi.

The Company has successfully provided services for almost all important industrial sectors like Petrochemicals, Dyes and dyes intermediates, chemicals, food and beverages, refineries, on shore and off shores activities, textiles, pesticides, fertilizers, power industries as well as for CETPs, Recycling plants, and bio-gas generated from industrial and municipal waste water projects.


Services offered

Water / waste water Management

In this context UPL EEL has carried out extensive experience in for treating raw water and effluents, to meet the disposal norms and also with an aim to make them amenable for recycle and reuse. This is achieved by using the advanced aerobic and anaerobic technologies and membrane concept.

Aspiring to provide the best available technologies that adhere to international standards and meet the specified norms, UPL EEL is collaborating with international membrane technology providers and manufacturers to get the right type of membrane to meet customer specific requirements.


Recycle and Reuse Process

Huge volume of wastewater is discharged into natural drain after providing treatment in various industrial sectors. It is not only water but also a lot of money and efforts down the drain. UPL EEL with the procedural know-how have developed techno-economic and feasible recycle and reuse plant to best use the treated water for various end applications, inclusive of process of industrial and for the agricultural sectors.


Solid And Hazardous Waste Management

The company is in the forefront, by providing services in management of solid waste, which is an area of great concern in developing countries. Globally this issue is receiving attention at war footing. In India also through its various notifications MOEF has set up deadlines for treatment of municipal solid waste and industrial / hazardous solid waste.

Waste to Energy Management

The company has required technology and proven track record in treating the municipal solid waste and Biomass with various technologies like landfill, Closure, composting, biomethanation and RDF. In this background and in the context of improving the ecology and environment and considering the need for generating demand for energy which is increasing day by day with the increase in population.
UPL EEL is on the process of introducing Gasification Technology in India for generation of Energy in the form of Gas and Power.
Research And Development

We provide tailor made solution to complex problems relating to Water/ Waste Water by carrying out in home R&D and design.